Cellolesson in Groningen

Michelle van de Braak is a fully qualified cello teacher with ample experience in teaching:

– beginners and advanced students.
– children and adults.

Private lessons are given in a spacious room in the south of Groningen-city.
She teaches pupils from age 5 up to 70+.

Lessons can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes and are usually on a weekly basis. Exceptions can be made to this.

During the lessons there is of course full attention for the technical aspect of mastering the cello, but also for the development of all other musical aspects, like phrasing and interpretation of the character of the piece one plays. There is attention for all musical developments through time, starting with music from Renaissance up to classical music of today and everything in between. Also, for who so wishes, other musical styles – pop, jazz, film – can be included in the lessons.
Playing together occurs in every lesson right from the start.

If you have no instrument of your own, one can be easily rented. Cellos of all sizes are for rent at the local violin builders. Look under ‘weblinks’ for violinbuilders/vioolbouwers for more information.

For information on tuition fees look under the tag ‘tuition fees’ where you will find information in English.